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  1. broadist:

    • vintage fruit/veggie crop top: thrifted in Pittsburgh
    • stretchy BDG short shorts: Urban Outfitters
    • swirly cat eyes: thrifted at Crossroads (Williamsburg)
    • NARS lips, OPI nails

    So this crazy flu that’s going around: you’ve heard about it, right? I had that on Monday, starting at 4am. It was rough - I took my first sick day (at Distiller) ever. LOOK OUT.

    Luckily, after that, I went on vacation. As a Christmas present from my mom, dad, brother, and sister in law, I was invited to be the fifth wheel and sleep the couch of a glorious villa they rented in the US Virgin Islands (St. John). I can tell you for sure that it is a good place to recover from the flu. I thrifted this crop top in Pittsburgh for $1 a couple weeks back… stoked I brought it with me because it’s a little too festive for NYC right now. I’m waving to you from the Caribbean with no open container laws in my produce-laden crop top. Follow me on instagram (@shadood) for more updates whille I’m gone. Byeeeeeee.

  2. barefawn:


    Joel Robison

    Cranbrook, BC (a smallish town tucked in the Rocky Mountains) where Joel Robison lives seems like a magical place, not only do books and coffee cups come in reasonable sizes but also a whole universe of magical, whimsical and funny images for us to enjoy.

    Oh my god these photographs are beautiful

  3. mydarkenedeyes:

    Richard Heeks - Popping Bubbles

  4. fairmanrants:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Prime Minister of Australia kicking ass and taking names (mostly Tony Abbott’s). [x]

    So glad this has become a gif set. Sensational.

    (Source: splintmail)

  5. theartofanimation:

    Josh Keyes

  6. Polar bears take their first steps into the outside world.

  7. womensweardaily:

Spring 2013 Trend: East Side Story
Hermès RTW Spring 2013


    Spring 2013 Trend: East Side Story

    Hermès RTW Spring 2013